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The meaning of BC is Before Christ. CE is a recent term. It refers to Common Era and is used in place of A. When did we start using AD and BC? Many different calendars have been used since man began tracking time. Most start with some epoch event or person. His purpose was to determine the correct date for Easter under the direction of Pope St.

Prior to this time, one method for determining Easter was based on a year calendar cycle stemming from the Alexandrian era.

Other methods were also used which led to the confusion. Dionysius was asked to determine a method for calculating Easter that would then be used by the entire church. Dionysius did not want to perpetuate the name of Alexander, the Great Persecutor. He decided to start his year cycle from years after the Founding of Rome. Today, based on historical evidence relating to Herod and astronomical evidence relating to eclipses and star novas, most historians believe Christ was born a few years earlier.

This is also a year 1. There is no year 0. So the first year of the 21st century begins in AD and ends with the beginning of AD. It took about years for the dating system devised by Dionysius to reach common usage. In combination with the Julian Calendar system that determines the beginning of months and years, this continued until AD. The number of each year is based on the Dionysius numbering system.

It is and a quarter days long. Every four years, March 1st moved behind a day until after centuries instead of being early spring March 1st was now the beginning of winter. Something had to be done. It was an improvement upon the Julian Calendar to keep the average length of the calendar year better in line with the seasons. The rules, months, and days of the Gregorian calendar are the same as those of the Julian Calendar, except for the leap year rules.

In the Gregorian calendar, a year is a leap year if the year number is evenly divisible by 4. However century years follow a different rule. The number must be divisible by both and to be a leap year; otherwise it is not a leap year.

Use of the Gregorian calendar in the United States is a result of an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom in , which specified use of the Gregorian calendar in England and its colonies. However, its adoption in the United Kingdom and other countries was fraught with confusion, controversy, and even violence. It also had a deeper cultural impact through the disruption of traditional festivals and calendrical practices. And economic pressures of a worldwide economy led by Europe and the United States.

Welcome to Granite Pointe Golf Course!Your experience through Nelsonís mountain golfing adventure at Granite Pointe Golf Course begins on the front nine traversing through mountainous terrain with some holes offering elevated tee boxes. Our Three Aces, Holes 6, 7 and 8, offer some very good scoring opportunities. We donít like to . The meaning of AD is Anno Domini or Year of our Lord referring to the year of Christís birth. The meaning of BC is Before Christ. CE is a recent term. It refers to Common Era and is used in place of A.D. the dates are the same i.e., AD is CE. BCE [ ].

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