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One friend of mine was introduced to a year-old with a high-level fashion job, her own Porsche and fancy apartment, who just wants him for his body! I think you need to think what you want. Other than that, your options are a little more limited if you want to be ethical.

If only semi-serious, you could try bright young things in the dance bars in e. For more info on the last post back if you want, July 30, 20 posts Hey thanks for the advice WildKid. I mean what is it like back in the west? The Jiuyuanqiao area sounds right for me.

Thanks for the heads up. July 30, 20 posts Full disclosure: I also dated a little and rather awkwardly before that. However, as I said earlier, with rare exceptions such as the woman I mentioned in my previous post, anyone you date here may well be thinking about marriage a lot earlier in the game than you necessarily would be.

August 5, 8 posts Sichuanese and Mandarin are actually relatively close. Close compared to Fujianese or Cantonese, anyway. Most young-ish women, especially most with a college education, will speak Mandarin without much if any hint of Sichuanese. The ones that speak really good English are frequently really into foreign culture and people and will be more open to dating someone not of Chinese descent.

J llyfish is also pretty good for finding girls who are open to westerners, though I find a lot of them to be too loose for my liking. Again, no shortage of gold diggers. You could also try The Leg and Whistle for a less clubby and more pubby kind of scene.

The owner is a really nice woman who speaks excellent English and a lot of the people who go there are pretty cool. August 9, 6 posts There are a few bars, full of Chinese ladies of all ages looking for foreign men. In many instances they are not fussy, just being foreign is enough. I believe the main bars for this are: Panam, Jellyfish and Shamrock. They all seem to speak English in these places, some can speak a few lines of German too. And you will need Mandarin here.

For casual incidents, Jellyfish is probably the easiest, however for a reason. A few of them sleep around with the regulars within minutes of meeting you. So, the casual side may be fun, but there are drawbacks.

So, there are all kinds of girls in China. There probably are some who will not date foreigners, but I usually meet the ones who exclusively chase foreigners. They all have various long and detailed reasons, some are simply crazy, some intelligent and thoughtful.

If you speak Mandarin, the variety grows. And Mandarin is fine for younger generations. Good luck but be careful! August 10, 1 post How does the picture change if you are interested in meeting gals who are somewhere in the years old range?

Marriage-minded is a good thing, but desperate to get married is of course a bad thing.

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