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Intelligent and articulate To understand the unusual condition for his release from prison, one needs to know how he got there. His last known victim met him through online dating in Antoinette Larizza was 54 then and a divorced mother of two adult children.

She worked as the director of a medical centre. Rosenberg told her he was a wealthy, year-old Swiss-Canadian businessman and heir to a huge Ovaltine fortune as a descendant of the man who invented the popular drink mix. They hit it off. Within a year he convinced her to quit her job, sell her house, marry and turn her money over for him to invest.

They embarked on a whirlwind of grand living: When Larizza confronted him about holes she was finding in his stories, he reacted angrily. He grabbed her and squeezed her arm, causing bruises. Google Street View Physically aching, emotionally robbed and financially drained she went to police. Detectives found a previous romance scam victim and a string of duped decorators, contractors and investors.

Rosenberg represented himself at trial and pleaded guilty to it all, eight counts of fraud, one count of possessing the proceeds of crime and assault. At sentencing on Oct. Being behind bars, it turned out, was nothing new for Rosenberg. His fraud convictions started in , which led to a four-year prison sentence. He then repeatedly popped in and out of prison, amassing a rap sheet of 25 frauds and a host of related convictions. In between his Canadian swindles he prowled Europe for five years until his arrest in Italy at the request of police in France.

His investments in the south of France in valuable art, expensive cars, opulent chateaus and businesses were as phoney as his wedding vows. His most recent prison sentence in Canada seemed to pass without incident, but once released on parole, he fell back into trouble. Twice he was released and twice his parole revoked for being evasive and deceitful with supervisors. His last revocation came in March after an attempt to rebuild a gilded life in Yorkville without the obvious means to support it.

Rosenberg really did have a connection to the inventor of Ovaltine four decades ago he was married to his daughter and there really is a trust fund; however, he has no access to the principal and all of its dividends are being garnished for various restitutions, according to parole records.

On Friday, Rosenberg, who parole records say is 75, much older than he claimed, reached his latest statutory release date, meaning he must be let out of prison. As safeguards, the parole board said he must report all investments, business deals and intimate or sexual relationships to his parole officer and steer clear of Yorkville.

Over the five years since her marriage imploded, Larizza has fought for restitution. This week, her cases against the owners of their Yorkville apartment and a law firm she sought advice from before her marriage were dismissed. Her claims against a bank, another law firm and against Rosenberg himself remain. Meanwhile, Rosenberg told his parole officer, that once released he plans to sue Larizza for his belongings in the Yorkville penthouse when he was arrested.

U.S. President Donald Trump said Friday, August 7, that they would find out out wrote the New York Times opinion piece that was reportedly written by an administration official. Vision mayoral candidate Ian Campbell drops out of Vancouver election. The sudden decision leaves the party without a mayoral candidate as the election approaches.

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