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SHARE Several years ago in one of my undergraduate consumer behavior classes, a group of students decided to study sex differences in browsing behavior at sex shops as the topic of their semester-long project. This was a fortuitous topic as Montreal is replete with such retail outlets especially in the downtown area.

It might have been slightly more difficult to conduct such a study in the American bible belt. I find it regrettable that a greater number of consumer scholars do not tackle such "sexy" subject matters. It would seem that vibrators fall under the rubric of unmentionable products Katsanis, , and hence are largely avoided from scientific inquiry at least by marketing scholars.

That said vibrators constitute a market estimated at one billion dollars in the United States alone Chiang, How prevalent is the use of this particular sex product among female consumers? In a paper published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Debra Herbenick and her colleagues surveyed 2, women, aged 18 to 60 years old and drawn from a representative national sample, about their use of vibrators if at all.

The researchers also sought to link vibrator use to health conscious behaviors gynecological exam in the past year; breast and genital self-exams in the past month , and sexual functioning using the item Female Sexual Functioning Index; FSFI. Here are some of the key findings: So what do you think? The researchers found that more than half of the sample women Interestingly but perhaps not surprisingly, women who displayed greater religiosity attending services were more likely to have never used a vibrator.

Vibrators were used more frequently for clitoral stimulation As the researchers astutely point out, there is a chicken-egg issue with these findings, namely it might be the case that vibrator use improves sexual functioning or that women who have better sexual functioning are more likely to be open to incorporate sex toys within their repertoire.

The collected data did not permit for establishing a causal explanation. The percentage of women who answered "never" to each of the five latter side effects was respectively: It would be interesting to explore other relevant correlates of vibrator use among women.

For example, I wonder if particular personality traits would correlate with vibrator use. I am already seeing the title of the paper: Which of the Big Five traits predict the use of Mr. I await your email!

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