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Instead, he and his friends randomly shuffled the cards together to provide the illusion of computerized expertise. Although Project Flame might have been a fraud, was a formative year for computer dating. The article referenced above from Look magazine describes Operation Match, a computerized dating system developed by two Harvard undergraduates, Jeff Tarr and Vaughn Morrill. Like early Facebook, the target audience was the Ivy League and associated schools: His system drew 11, applicants.

Interestingly, the Look article ends by talking about the need for mutual deception within the computer dating environment: Boys have discovered that there is more to getting the girl of their dreams than ordering a blonde, intelligent, wealthy, sexually experienced wench. They must also try to guess what kind of boy such a girl would request, and describe themselves to conform to her data. The future suggests itself: A girl does took. Breathlessly, they make a date. Plain Jane and So-So-Sol.

But they are, after all, exactly alike, and they have been matched. After a flurry of media coverage of these and similar systems, the computer dating fad of the mids seems to have quieted down quickly.

The short answer to this question is that this is the late s was the heyday of the computer utility. These were services that allowed users to rent time on a shared mainframe computer, generally via a remote terminal. The practical upshot was that entrepreneurs who wanted to provide computer-based services, but who did not have the resources or desire to own their own computer, could rent time via a computer utility such as Tymshare, University Computing, GE Information Systems, or the Service Bureau Corporation.

By these computer utilities, however transitory, represented an important moment in the democratization of computing. The sudden rise of multiple dating services in are anything but a coincidence.

Youtube video on a London-based computer dating service also called Operation Match Hat tip:

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