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Having visitors is a good excuse. When Josh and I got married in I could just about cook omelettes and minestrone. Over the next few years, whilst I was a Medical Student and then a House Officer, I gradually increased my repertoire but really learned to cook a wide variety of dishes at the excellent Good Housekeeping six-week full time course in I decided to take a cookery course instead.

Only the girls in the lower streams at school did cookery and my mother had always shooed me away, especially during wartime. Time enough to learn to cook when you get married. Her repertoire was limited to chicken soup, boiled chicken, braised beef, fried fish and sardines on toast. I saw an advertisement for a six-week full-time course at the Good Housekeeping Cookery School. The courses were originally designed for debutantes who needed to learn how to run a kitchen, though they might only set a foot inside one to give orders to the cook.

Most of the other students were upper crust young women who had hardly ever gone into a kitchen. One year-old had never even peeled a potato. Some of the others had moved to London and got a flat of their own so they had done a bit of cooking but we were all pretty inexperienced.

We paired up and shared chores. Before the war, the students would have cooked in the morning and learned about housework in the afternoon, though they might never have to do any housework once they were married. By the time I took the course, it only covered cookery. The kitchens were in a large basement in Mayfair. There were eight Formica-topped tables for the sixteen of us. The shelves around the walls were stacked with bowls and saucepans of every shape and size and there were drawers and drawers of cooking implements.

In the afternoons we baked cakes, bread, brioches, and pastries. In , no-one seemed to bother about pregnant women putting on too much weight and I ate for two with gusto. I still have it, a few food stains on the cover and the leaves a bit faded, but the recipes as good as ever. The teachers were all highly experienced cooks and managed their often unruly pupils with ease.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fun of bonding and giggling and having a great time in an all-female group. I thrived on being pregnant, though I got a bit more tired than the others. It was a lovely six weeks. I cried when they gave me an embroidered layette at the end of the course.

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